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Operations and Maintenance Audits and Support Services

Viable has developed tools, strategies and reporting that outperform the competition.  As third party measurement and verification experts, we provide ancillary services for LEED Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance (EB:O+M) for all versions to support the needs of your project.

Contact us for a proposal to support your LEED EB project with:

  • LEED Gap Analysis

  • Daylight and Views Assessments and Measurements

  • Thermal Comfort (ASHRAE 55) Measurement and Verification​

  • Ventilation (ASHRAE 62.1) Measurement and Verification

  • APPA Custodial Effectiveness Assessments

  • Green Cleaning Training

  • Waste Characterization Assessments

  • Waste Diversion    Improvement Training

  • Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency Audits​

These turnkey projects yield equitable and financial return at a competitive price point, moving assets towards certification.  Viable can guarantee success during review, and stands behind its effort throughout the entire certification process.

Our APPA Custodial Effectiveness Assessment is unique in its approach, and can exceed the methodology of the leading janitorial vendors in the industry.  This deliverable provides actual measurable performance, evidence and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the janitorial vendors services. The competition, the leading janitorial companies, rarely provide effective outcomes - especially when grading their own services.  Third party verification is the way to go - get the fox out of the henhouse with Viable.

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