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ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STAR is the cornerstone of performance benchmarking in the US with more than 450,000 commercial assets benchmarked using this methodology.  ENERGY STAR is the basis for achieving the energy prerequisite and the associated 18-20 points associated with higher tiers of performance for the LEED v2009 (v3) and v4 certification ratings, respectively.  ENERGY STAR is used widely in commercial real estate and is sought after as an annual performance benchmark by real estate investment groups nationally.  Water and Waste are key performance metrics included within ENERGY STAR's metrics, now offering a water performance 


score and synchronization with the USGBC's Arc methodology. Viable Founder and Senior Consultant, Levi Jimenez has worked with dozens of asset managers to Benchmark over 90 Million commercial square feet, certifying over 40 Million of eligible commercial office, industrial, multifamily residential and hospitality space.

Inquiring about AB 802? click HERE. The State of California mandates that buildings disclose energy performance for all assets over 50,000 square feet, and all multi-family housing complexes having more than 17 accounts.  More about this ordinance may be found at the State of California Energy Commissions website.



As of August 2018, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised the ENERGY STAR Score to reflect the most current available survey of existing building stock, effecting scores with reductions in performance of 12 points on average.  More information about the impacts of the update may be found HERE.  These provisions offer to improve building performance as asset manager strive to improve building operations, getting scores back to where they were in the years leading to this update.  Viable perceives this as an opportunity to improve commercial asserts.  Request an assessment to find out how this obstacle may be overcome.


Service Offerings:

  • Data collection, input, occupant reconciliation and quality assurance to guarantee the most accurate possible score your asset deserves

  • Coordinate web services between the customer and utility, automating the data updates indefinitely

  • Licensed Professional Stamp with a reputable architect, upholding the integrity of the ENERGY STAR Certification Program

  • Conducts onsite verification adhering to the Licensed Professional Guide

  • Measuring ASHRAE 55, ASHRAE 62.1 and IESNA Illumination levels according to the EPA's licensed Professional Guidance

  • Addresses reviewer inquiries (if applicable) during the certification review

  • Addresses certification audits if required

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