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Viable Green Building Solutions is a full service High Performance Real Estate Consultant that offers a suite of support services to its clients, and a clearer understanding of the built environment. Our services are entirely customizable to fit the needs of our clients, and help fulfill their sustainability, compliance and building performance objectives. Viable provides complete project management services across the spectrum of Green Building Certification products, with a focus on Existing Buildings, for programs like LEED, BREEAM In-Use, ENERGY STAR and Fitwel or just their constituent components but are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Our goal is to stay ahead of these rating systems so that our clients don't have to, making the process palatable and cost effective. Where we can offer to customize our services, we do, writing ESG Policy, conducting performance assessments for Waste and Indoor Air Quality, trialing new ratings systems and innovations, piloting beta versions and so much more. With partnerships at some of the most recognized institutions in the country, we will make sure that your goals are met with little risk, and a passion to improve the built environment.


Viable understands that these processes can be costly and time intensive, but our involvement guarantees an efficient process, and a well designed project management experience. With over 10 years in the field of commercial building performance, Viable has become a recognized leader in high performance consulting, and offers a careful, pragmatic approach to fulfill the core principles of green building. We welcome and appreciate new challenges, and new ideas while respecting the institutions that are the cornerstones of our industry. If you have an idea, or just want o discuss industry standards, our door is open, and we look forward to the opportunity to embrace your particular challenge with integrity and transparency.

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