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Performance Benchmarking

Demonstrate ongoing improvement in your assets operations by setting a standard, imposing policy and montoring performance periodically to ensure that improvement is measurable and that value is well defined.

Viable offer performance benchmarking with monthly data management using the most recognized tools in the industry like ENERGY STAR, Goby SeaSuite and Measurabl.  Big Data is the performance metric by which the Green Building industry will flourish.  The more we know and the more we measure, the more we can improve.  We analyze the viability of operational transformation according to your budget, current market trends, and the availability of technology, to provide sound recommendations that keep your assets ahead of the curve.

We can help you manage and understand the data that ownership requires, setting performance threshold notifications, schedules and reminders for:

ENERGY:  Setup automation with the utility or connect with the client to collect and manually input all utility data, providing trends and insights. 

WATER: Input monthly utility data, calculate theoretical performance and compare to actual performance, Make recommendations for improvement

WASTE: We LOVE talking trash. Develop waste monitoring calculations, periodic waste volume and invoice analysis, and make recommendations for improvement.

GHG EMISSIONS:  An amalgamation of energy consumption, transportation and waste generated to better understand your annual GHG Impacts and how to reduce them.

PROCUREMENT: Janitorial Supplies, Pest Control provisions, Mercury containing lamps, Landscaping and exterior management materials.

TRANSPORTATION and OCCUPANT EXPERIENCE: Through engagement with tenants, trends demonstrating commute and comfort are gatherd for annual review.

INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Occupant Comfort is measured according to ASHRAE 55, climate and Indoor Air Quality correlations

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