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State and Local Ordinance Consulting


We are benchmarking professionals and agents for quality assurance. Developing an accurate benchmark helps owners and operators make well informed decisions about capital investments to improve energy performance and help craft future regional energy policy. Viable provides a suite of training and consulting services to keep your property administrators ahead of the curve, or simply ensure that your team is never held in violation of any such ordinance by managing the process outright. These city and state requirements do not apply to all buildings, allow us to help your team navigate the criteria and where possible, find exceptions.

Statewide Benchmarking Programs


California Building Energy Use Benchmarking and Public Disclosure Program (AB 802)


Massachusetts (Coming June 2025!)


New Jersey


Washington State Clean Buildings Program (House Bill 1257) (Coming in 2026!)


Washington State Dept. of Enterprise Services Energy Program (Senate Bill 5854)



Citywide Benchmarking Programs


Ann Arbor (MI) Energy and Water Benchmarking Ordinance (City Code 104)


Aspen (CO) Building IQ (Ordinance No. 05)


Atlanta (GA) Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance


Austin (TX) Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance


Berkeley (CA) Building Energy Saving Ordinance


Bloomington (MN) Large Building Benchmarking Ordinance


Boston (MA) Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance


Boulder (CO) Building Performance Ordinance


Brisbane (CA) Building Efficiency Program Ordinance 


Cambridge (MA) Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance


Chicago (IL) Energy User Benchmarking Ordinance


Chula Vista (CA) Building Energy Saving Ordinance


Colorado (CO) Energy Performance for Buildings Statute (House Bill 21-1286) 


Columbus (OH) Energy and Water Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance


Denver (CO) Environmental Health Reporting, Energize Denver Ordinance


Des Moines (IA) Energy and Water Benchmarking Ordinance


District of Columbia (DC) Clean and Affordable Energy Act


Edina (MN) Efficient Building Benchmarking Ordinance


Evanston (IL) Building Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Ordinance


Fort Collins (CO) Building Energy and Water Scoring


Honolulu (HI) Ordinance 22-17


Indianapolis (IN) Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance


Kansas City (MO) Energy Empowerment Ordinance


Lexington (MA) Building Energy Use Disclosure Bylaw


Los Angeles (CA) Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance (EBEW)

Miami (FL) Building Energy and Water Consumption Benchmarking Ordinance


Minneapolis (MN) Commercial Building Energy Rating and disclosure Ordinance


Montgomery County (MD) Bill 2-14, Environmental Sustainability - Buildings - Benchmarking

New York City (NY) Local Law 84 (LL84)

Orlando (FL) Building and Water Efficiency Strategy


Philadelphia (PA) Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance


Pittsburgh (PA) Building Benchmarking Ordinance


Portland (ME), Maine City Council Order 67 16/17


Portland (OR) Energy Performance Reporting Policy for Commercial Buildings


Reno (NV) Energy and Water Efficiency Program


Rochester (MN) Energy Benchmarking Program


Rockville (MD) Building Energy Benchmarking


Salt Lake City (UT) Elevate Buildings


San Diego (CA) Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance


San Francisco (CA) Existing Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance


San Jose (CA) Energy and Water Building Performance Ordinance


Seattle (WA) Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Program (Seattle Municipal Code 22.920)


South Portland (ME) Building Energy Program


St. Louis (MO) Building Energy Awareness Ordinance


St. Louis Park (MN) Efficient Building Benchmarking Ordinance


St. Paul (MN) Energy Benchmarking Ordinance


Province Wide Benchmarking (Canada)


Ontario's Large Building Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking Initiative

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